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Retired from the job, but not from the Union.

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The next meeting will be October 5, 2015. Come join us and become an active part or your Retirees Group. As always spouses are also invited to all meetings.

Weekly Breakfasts

Due to the Wolf Road Diner closing , starting June 25th 2015 the weekly BYO breakfast will be at the Alexis Diner  294 North Greenbush Rd. Troy, NY. Approx 1 Mile East of HVCC. We usually get there around 8:30 or so and order breakfast about 9:00. Everyone is welcome,  you don't have to be a member of the retirees club nor do you have to be retired to attend. Come and join us.

Email addresses
If you have a email address and would like to receive emails from the local or the retirees please send your email address to me. Please include your name either where you worked and when you retired. Send to [email protected].


Email and Address Updates

To add or change your address, phone number or email. See Chris in the office or one of the  board members.

Thank You

Honor our Service men, women and Veterans.
Local 294 is proud of our fighting men and women, especially any of those who are members or related to our members. If any of our members has an immediate member of their family serving with the armed forces, and would like to see their name and photo posted on our Military Page  let me know. We would like to honor our service men and women with a page all their own. Please send me a photo if available, their name, rank, branch of service, their relationship to you and where they are serving.  We would also like to include pictures of our members who have served in the past, either in war or peace time. So if you are a veteran please send in your picture. Please include the information posted above and also the years you served.
Thank You .
 Fill out form





Social and Meeting Activity ideas Needed.

As always the Executive Board need input from our members. If you have any ideas and or suggestions for the Retirees, we would like to hear them. The board is always trying to think up new ideas for our meetings and social calendar. Your help and input would be greatly appreciated. Either bring up your ideas at the meetings or just approach one of the board members before or after the meeting.

We have had two requests for group trips.

1. A overnight bus trip to Atlantic City.
2. A deep sea fishing trip this summer.
Anyone interested in either of these trips please let us know. If we have enough people interested we can arrange either one or both of these group trips.

Under the Weather?
If you or anyone you know is sick at home or in the hospital, Please Call and let us know. You can reach me  at seven eight four -2073. We will post the names of all those who are ill here when we find out about their illness. (We can't post it if we don't know it)

What our members are doing.
If you have a picture of yourself  doing something we might be interested in seeing, please send a photo of yourself and whoever else is engaged in what ever,  hobby, fishing, hunting,  charity, community project etc. Use your imagination and let the rest of the members know what you are interested or involved in. Send a photo and some explanation of what is going on, who, what, when and where?.  We would like to post it on our web site.  Thanks. To post something Click Here

 Join the Retirees Club
Why not join the Local 294 Retirees Club? We have an annual picnic, and annual Christmas lunch meeting along with our Florida winter reunion, weekly  BYO breakfasts at the Alexis Diner. In addition to being able to keep in touch with other Local 294 Retirees on a regular basis. You can't get a better return for your money anywhere. Dues are only $15.00 a year. For more information call the hall or click on the link below and print out the form, fill it out and send it to the hall.
 Join the Teamsters Retirees Club.









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Honor Roll


If name is in blue click to view picture.

Jack Pulver (Red Star Retiree) September 2015
Scott Willoughby (UPS Employee) September 2015
Charles G. McDermott  (Dorn's Retiree) August 2015
William C. Whimple   (Local 294 Retiree) August 2015
William (Bill) Kennedy  (APA Retiree) July 2015
David A. Pallozzi Sr.  (UPS Retiree) June 2015
Joseph A. Halstead (UPS Retiree) June 2015
Gerald R. Jacobson (Peerless Mohawk Retiree) June 2015
Edward H. Kahler  (Local 182 Burgess Oil Retiree) June 2015
James M. Kelly (Empire Merchants Employee) June 2015
William H. Miller Jr. (Local 294 Retiree) May 2015
Carlyle G. Bennett Sr. (Roadway Driver) April 2015
Michael P. LaMora  (Local 294 Retiree) March 2015
Carljohn Linen  (YRC driver) March 2015
William E. Lewis  (Leaseway Retiree) February 2015
Clara Lacomb  (Local 182 Retiree) February 2015
Leo Powers  (Red Star Retiree) February 2015
James Maldonado  (Maximum Security Products Retiree) February 2015
Vincent W. Mulyca  (Local 294 Retiree) February 2015
Gerald C. Wright  (Construction Retiree) Feburary 2015
Joe Lee *  (WM Girvin Truc king, Peerless Importing  Retiree) February 2015
George Lee (Red Star Retiree) February 2015
John Miller (Schaeffer Brewery, Chemical Leaman Tank Line Retiree) February 2015
James R. Snow  (Local 182 and Red Star Retiree) February 2015
Floyd J. Potts  (Local 294 Retiree) February 2015
Metody (Tony) Janiszak  (Local 294 Retiree) February 2015
Paul E. Messick Sr. *   (Seven Up Retiree) January 2015
Claude Bonnier  (Local 294 Retiree) January 2015
Roger Edgley * (Harders Express Retiree) January 2015
Louis R. Arcuri (Local 182 Retiree) January 2015
Mario "Moe" DiCocco (Wilson Freight Retiree) December 2014
Edward Secor (Dorn's Retiree) December 2014
Joseph J. Nicoll (AJ Rinella Retiree) December 2014
Wayne Bogue * (Red Star Retiree) October 2014
Wayne Rhodes (Anchor Motor Freight Retiree) October 2014
Joseph Essenter (Wards Fleet Retiree) October 2014
Paul Bud Hamilton (CF Retiree) October 2014
Ed Boomhower (Albany Asphalt Retiree) September 2014
Wilson Roy Hinckley  Local 182 (Roadway Retiree) September 2014
George A. Fanelli  Local 182 (Central Express Retiree)
August 2014
Michael T. Norris (St. Johnsbury, Preston, Yellow Retiree) August 2014
Josephine Holsapple  (Local 294 Office Retiree) August 2014
John M. Saunders Local 182 (Condolidated Freightways Retiree) July 2014
James Maddocks  Local 182 (Spindler Bulk Transport Retiree) July 2014
Ralph Bunzey    (Roadway Retiree) June 2014
Danilo (DG) Guerrero  (UPS Retiree) May 2014
James P. Moore   Local 182 (Town of Whitestown Active Employee) May 2014
Duane Holmes  Local 182 (Coleman Bros/Red Star Retiree) May 2014
Benny Christiana **   (Smith Transport Retiree) May 2014
Foster G. Knight  Local 182 (Interstate Systems Retiree) May 2014
Thomas R. Hunziker
(Preston, Needs Transportation and Associated Transport Retiree)
May 2014
Wayne R. Taylor   (Ruch Distributors Retiree) May 2014
Richard L. Lindstead * (UPS Retiree) April 2014
Walter C. Morris  * (Harders Express Retiree) April 2014
John Tinkler  (Chemical Leaman, Albany Asphalt Retiree) April 2014
John (Sonny) Weldon (Local 294 Retiree) April 2014
Willy Haupt  (Preston Retiree) April 2014
Paul R. Close  (Cushing Stone Retiree) March 2014
Willis Van Alphen  (Hudson Valley Cement Retiree) March 2014
George Brightly (Hudson Valley Cement Retiree) March 2014
Victor A. Grogan (Local 232 / 294 Retiree) March 2014
Richard B. Hogan  (UPS Retiree) March 2014
George T. Linsley * (UPS Retiree) March 2014
Paul  Ramundo Jr (PIE Retiree) March 2014
Gerald A. Farrington (UPS Freight Retiree) March 2014
Francis A. Ryan (Clemente Cement Retiree) February 2014
Mary Christian (Local 294 Office Manager) January 2014
Edward A. Wadsworth (Dorn's Retiree) January 2014
Joe (I Love It) Ganance  (Red Star Retiree) December 2013
John E. Homeyer   (Allied Retiree) November 2013
William F. Bruso Sr.  (Dorn's, Oneida Retiree) November 2013
Robert J. LaRose (Red Star Retiree) October 2013
Harold J. Albert (Crowley Foods Retiree) October 2013
Eugene (Gino) Mullaney (Wards, Leaseway) October 2013
Arnold J. Wittig Jr. (Construction) October 2013
Ronald W. Fonda (ABF Retiree) October 2013
Kevin  Dawson (Red Star, Holland Retiree) September 2013
George L. Hoose (Yellow Freight Retiree) September 2013
Danial (Rooster) Ricketts (UPS Latham) August 2013
James C. Fish *  (Red Star Retiree) August 2013
Robert J. Burg (W.M. Girvan Retiree) August 2013
Richard J. Madeline * (Sysco Retiree) August 2013
Nelson Corey(Consolidated Freightways Retiree) July 2013
Ronald A. Vooris   (Local 294 Retiree) June 2013
Donald E. Valyou  (Red Star Retiree) May 2013
James Milne  (ABF Retiree) April 2013
Joseph Lupo  (ABF Retiree) April 2013
Joseph Hart *   (Local 294 Construction Retiree) April 2013
Charles J. McCauley (Montgomery Ward Retiree) April 2013
Milton A. Roberts (August Bohl Construction Retiree) April 2013
Michael J. Dwyer  (UPS Retiree) March 2013
David A. Grzybowski  (Eastern Freightways Retiree) March 2013
Randall D. Diegel (Dorn's Retiree) March 2013
Bill (Hippie) Conyne* (Tanny's, Mushroom, Lyons ,New Penn Retiree.) February 2013
Joseph G. Hope  (Clemente Retiree) February 2013
Al Charbonneau **  (Yellow Freight Retiree) January 2013
Joseph E. Geary (Yellow Freight Retiree) January 2013
Herbert (Sonny) Leahy (Consolidated Freightways Retiree) December 2012
Donald G. Rappold  (Bryant Lumber Retiree) December 2012
William G. Peters * (Holmes Transportation / St Johnsburry Retiree) December 2012
John (Larry) Willi * (Dorn's / Oneida Retiree) December 2012
Dominic Paratore *  (Associated Transport / Roadway Retiree) November 2012
Donald H. Dustin (Arrow-Needes Retiree) October 2012
Raymond L. Masse Sr. (Pepsi Retiree) October 2012
Dennis W. George  (Gourmet Award Retiree) September 2012
Ben Baccari (Dorn's Retiree) August 2012
Robert E. Boomhower (Red Star Retiree) August 2012
Leonard (Lenny) Adams (Spector Retiree) August 2012
Carl Lee Boomhower August 2012
Arthur W. Cody (Local 294 Retiree) August 2012
Audry Leo Barnum (Lee)  (Time-DC  Retiree 1982) July 2012
Lawrence P. Kennedy (Local 294 Retiree) July 2012
Richard P. Dinovo  (Chemical Leaman Retiree) July 2012
Robert E. Lee (Local 294 Retiree) June 2012
Robert P. Dudley   (Associated Transport Retiree) June 2012
Russell (Russ) Sedgwick (Blue Line Retiree) May 2012
Harian Darrl Gilford  (MLB Industries) May 2012
Harold Van De Wal *   (Dorn's, Oneida Retiree) May 2012
William LeMieux  (Local 294 Retiree) April 2012
Leroy Haverly * (August Bohl Construction  Retiree) April 2012
William E Marshall March 2012
Paul A. Teal  (Roadway Retiree) February 2012
Robert H. Dowse (Red Star Retiree) February 2012
Alvin R. Weeks  (Dorn's Retiree) January 2012
Rocco P. Dovido (Montgomery Ward Retiree) January 2012
John A. Tenace (Gourmet Awards Food Dist Retiree) January 2012
Dominick Panariello *  (UPS Retiree) January 2012
Ronald J. Buckley Sr. (Preston Retiree) December 2011
Charles O. Palmer (Callanan Industries Retiree) December 2011
James R. Bryant  (APA Retiree) October 2011
Henry A. Motzer (Lang-Finn Construction Retiree) October 2011
Gregory (Giggy) Donadio *  (St Johnsbury Retiree) October 2011
Carl C. Bruni Sr *  (Quinn Freight Lines Retiree) October 2011
Thomas J. Gullo *   (Dorn's Retiree) September 2011
Roy E. Swan (Red Star Retiree) August 2011
Orlando J. Mattioli *  (McLean Retiree) August 2011
Gary T. Lezotte *  (Red Star Retiree) August 2011
Clarence (Chubby) Seeberger  (Albany Asphalt Retiree) July 2011
William L. Forest  (UPS Retiree) July 2011
Leo Paradowski  (Tacy's Retiree) June 2011
Leonard  R. Blank * (UPS Retiree) June 2011
Charles F. King (Local 669 Retiree) June 2011
Frank Prevatell  (Blue Line, Red Star Retiree) May 2011
Robert A. Bruso *  (Dorn's Retiree)  May 2011
Lewis E. Wager (Blue Line Express Retiree) May 2011
George Nati *  (St. Johnsbury Retiree) April 2011
Joseph A. Gizzy  (Red Star Retiree) April 2011
John (Jack) Bogart  (CP Smith Retiree) April 2011
Kenneth W. Daley Sr.  (Eastern Freightways Retiree) April 2011
Howard Whitey Bennett (Local 294 President and PEO) April 2011
Kay A. Bargy  (Roadway Office Retiree) April 2011
William E. Richard  (Eastern Freightways Retiree) April 2011
Kenneth Coons (Local 669 Coca Cola Retiree) April 2011
Thomas Polemeropoulos  (St. Johnsbury / Yellow Retiree) March 2011
Norman E. Bishop  (Ft Edwards Express Retiree) February 2011
Marcel J. Gagnon  ( PenYan Express Retiree) February 2011
Edward Bubuiak  (Local 669 Adirondack Beverage) February 2011
Floyd Lewis * January 2011
Duncan M. Turner * (Fairbanks Express Retiree) January 2011
David P. White  (Red Star) January 2011
Robert D. Pelletier  (Staats, Scott & Davis) December 2010
Thomas Bates  ( Old Colony, Holmes, VanCurler Retiree) November 2010
Lindy G. Harriman November 2010
Richard (Dick) Shade (Schaefer Brew, Smith Transfer Retiree) November 2010
Lionel Roberts  (Associated Transport Retiree) October 2010
Alfred Woodard Jr(Answers Plant Retiree) September 2010
Harold G. Fairfield  (Tradingport Retiree) September 2010
Michael E. Jacon   (Sysco) August 2010
Kenneth M. Jenkins  (Sysco Employee) August 2010
Robert Hesch Jr.  (APA, New Penn) August 2010
Stanley Miller (Blue Line Express Retiree) August 2010
Robert S. Dyer (Local 669 Crowley Foods Retiree) August 2010
Anthony J. Baumann (Red Star / Georgia Pacific Retiree) July 2010
Thomas A. Bergeron *  (Eastern Freightways, Oneida Retiree) May 2010
Joesph  F. Pequinot *  (Cooks Moving & Storage Retiree) May 2010
Vito Ramundo    (Holmes Retiree) April 2010
Robert M. Kingston  (Albany Asphalt Retiree) April 2010
Robert J. Glogowski  (Dorns Retiree) April 2010
Thomas J. Vinehout   (Sysco Foods driver) April 2010
George J. Cote  (PPG Retiree) March 2010
Edward G. Bradley  (Albany Asphalt Retiree) March 2010
Paul D. Frank *    (Fairbanks, Ret Star Retiree) March 2010

Charles R. Schneider  (Albany Iron & Hardware, Georgia Pacific Retiree)

March 2010
Bill Snyder *   (McLean Trucking ,  Preston 151 Retiree) February 2010
Paul E. Paulsen    (Red Star Retiree) February 2010
John (Jack) Trossbach Jr.  (Clemente Retiree) February 2010
Richard (Dick) Stahl *   (UPS Retiree) January 2010
Charles Hepp  (Preston 151 Retiree) January 2010
Joseph F. Zukowski Sr.  (Staats Express Retiree) January 2010
Francis K. Fahlander (Mickey)   (Dubrey's Express Retiree) December 2009
Milton (Mickey) Thomson  (Local 294 Retiree)

November 2009

Edward R. Robillard

November 2009

Roger S. Gallup   (Consolidated Freightways Retiree) November 2009
Nicholas J. Laiacona *     (Valente, Clemente and Callahan Retiree) November 2009
Frederick D. Laier    (Metropolitan Fuel Retiree) November 2009
Margaret L. Bruno   (Handleman & Co. Retiree) October 2009
William Cary  (Sysco Warehouse) October 2009
Stephen J. Kocienski   (Wm Gervin Trucking Retiree) October 2009
Eamon Ryan   (Consoladated Freightways Retiree) October 2009
Donald Lee  (Local 669 Coca Cola Employee) October 2009
Matthew R. Jubic  (Local 669 Morgan Linen Employee) October 2009
David L. Roberts  (Roadway Retiree) September 2009
Albert J. Martinelli  (Woodins Express, St Johnsbury Retiree) September 2009
Angelo A. DiDonna  (Local 294 Retiree) August 2009
Raymond R. Brooks Sr.  (PS Dubrey & Blue Line Express Retiree) July 2009
Robert V. Geel  ( Chemical Leaman Tank Lines  Retiree) June 2009
Anne G. Traeger    (Montgomery Ward Retiree) June 2009
Homer W. Palmer  ( Callahan Industries Retiree) June 2009
Kenneth K. Brooks Sr.   (Montgomery Ward Retiree) May 2009
Ronald G. Rice *  (Eastern Express / McLean Trucking  /  Red Star  Retiree) May 2009
Joseph F. Romano   (Red Star /  Calahan Industries Retiree) April 2009
Charles H. Wickware  (Local 294 Retiree) April 2009
John L. Crump  (Old Colony Retiree) April 2009
Peter Hanczaryk   (Preston Retiree) March 2009
Arthur C. Froehlich *    (Sysco Retiree) March 2009
Henry F. Lilienthal (Corky)  (Red Star Retiree) March 2009
Timothy W. Pomiber  (Allied Systems driver) February 2009
Fredrick A. Naegeli * ( H&H Trans, Schworman, Mitchel and Matlock Retiree) January 2009
Robert A. Burns *  (Evans Express, Oneida Retiree) January 2009
George W. Coffey Jr.  (Maislin Transport Retiree) January 2009
Samuel A. Ulisano  (Local 294 Retiree) January 2009
Louis F. Metz  (Boss-Linco Retiree) January 2009
Robert Fryer Sr.  (Local 294 Retiree)  January 2009
Paul M. Moore  (Dorn's Retiree) December 2008
Thomas M. Miller (Bucky)   (Ashland Chemical Retiree) December 2008
William E. Kelly Sr. *  (Fairbanks Retiree) December 2008
Thomas Bezio *  (St. Johnsbury Retiree) December 2008
Joseph W. Gilbert  (Ft Edward Express Retiree) December 2008
Kenneth J. Reckner *  (Gorea, M&M and Conway East Retiree) December 2008
Frank P. Peeney   (Local 294 Retiree) November 2008

Charles B. Boulton 

November 2008
Richard D. Gladding **  (Leaseway Retiree) November 2008
Edward P. Bober *  (Roadway Retiree) November 2008
George V. Dennis  (St Johnsbury Retiree) October 2008
William H. Walton  (Red Star Retiree) October 2008
Edward J. Green  (Tanny's Retiree) September 2008
Walter L. Johnson *  (Associated Transport Retiree) September 2008
Bennie Mazzone  (Old Colony Retiree) August 2008
Chester F. Coons Jr.   (Local 294 Retiree) August 2008
Donald J. Taylor (Service Liquor Retiree) July 2008
Paul J. Condon   (Red Star Retiree) July 2008
William M. Barlow  (Staats Express Retiree) July 2008
William J. Harwood *   (UPS Retiree) July 2008
James F. Cox * (Dorn's Retiree) July 2008
Charles G. Bentley *     (Chuck) (Local 294 Secretary Treasurer/BA) June 2008
Edward J. Haack Jr.  (Old Colony Retiree) May 2008
Robert H. Herrington Jr. *  (Oneida Retiree) March 2008
Arthur A. Laier  *  (Time-DC retiree) March 2008
Jerry M. Mulroy *   (National Casket Retiree) March 2008
Nelson H. Hare  (Local 294 Retiree) March 2008
Mark D. Argotsinger   (UPS retiree) March 2008
James M. Libruk  (Red Star Retiree) March 2008
William L. Avery  (294 Retiree) January 2008
Edward J. Germain January 2008
Gordon C. Rivers Jr.  (Albany County Scheriff's Dept) December 2007
Joseph E. Rubinski  (Clemente and Bonded Concrete) December 2007
Charles R. Stealey  (A&P Retiree) December 2007
Michael J. Casey  (Ashland Chemical Retiree) November 2007
Richard H. Smith *   (Red Star retiree) November 2007
Robert J. Kalinowski Sr  (Fairbanks Express Retiree) November 2007
Bernard E. LaRose Jr.*  ( Time-DC retiree) November 2007

Michael R. Buker  (Standard Furniture Driver)

November 2007
Harold E. Lendrum  (Roadway Retiree) November 2007
Vincent Hainer *  (UPS Kingston Retiree) October 2007
Edward C. Smith * October 2007
Edward Grumm Sr.  (Albany Steal) October 2007
Francis E. Kearney Sr. (Frank) *  (ABF Retiree) October 2007
John J. Wernig (Jack)  (Zapalla Block Retiree) September 2007
Dominick LeMorta (Holmes Retiree) September 2007
Joseph Paley (Maislin Retiree) August 2007
Francis A. Eseltine  (Mushroom, Smith Transfer Retiree) August 2007
David A. Gorsage   (Lamar Outdoor Advertising) August 2007
Robert H. Whitlock Sr. *  (Red Star) July 2007
William E. Swann (Billy)  *   (Red Star) July 2007
Jacob E. Mielke July 2007
Frank Malinoski *   (Smith Transport) June 2007
James T. Lyons  (Red Star) June 2007
William F. Hein *  (Willy)   (McLean, Pilot etc.) June 2007
Alfred E. Unser   (Motor Leasing Corp) June 2007
Nick Romano *     ( Red Star) June 2007
Frank B. Scarcella  (Tacy's) June 2007
James H. Bargy  (Consolidated Freightways) May 2007
Edward R. Arnold  (Spector Freight Lines) May 2007
Anthony J. Chelelli April 2007
Harry Smith   (Harders Express) April 2007
Edward S. Van Buren  * April 2007
David P. Plume  (Spector Freight Lines) February 2007
Charles J. Leffler    (Construction) January 2007
Perry Rothaupt  (Corenco/Bakers Commodity) January 2007
Gary R. Fleming  (Roadway) January 2007
Benjamin J. Musella  (Construction) January 2007
Thomas W. Lanahan December 2006
William J. Lonsbury December 2006
Harold W. Bushie Jr. December 2006
Andrew T. Adamczak  (Spector / Carolina) December 2006
James E. McGoff   December 2006
Robert M. Livolsi  (Leaseway) December 2006
Thomas W. Fitzpatrick  (Time-DC) December 2006
Anthony P. Riccio Jr.*   (Pennsylvania Truck Lines) November 2006
Clinton (Buster) Lawyer Sr.   (JH Malloy constructon) November 2006
Pasquale Anthony Carusone November 2006
Joseph (Joe) Gallo   (Spector) October 2006
William J. Grimm Sr.  (Penn Central Transport) October 2006
Alfred Houghtaling Sr. October 2006
Arthur Helmstadt  (Harders Express) October 2006
John Fabrizio *    (Mitchell Transport) August 2006
John (Jack) Cranfield    (Consolidated Freightways / Dubrey) July 2006
Ronald F. Garner Sr.    (Valente Sand and Gravel) June 2006
Dominick (Dom) Corcione   (JH Malloy construction) May 2006
Ralph W. Alcombright  (Tacy's Express) April 2006
George A. Fonda  (Albany Landfill) April 2006
Guido Albert Martini Sr April 2006
Chris Sacco   (Tacey's Express) March 2006
Joseph J. Spadaro  (Tanney's) March 2006
 Joseph Sterantino **    (Dorn's) February 2006
Laurent (Larry) Bourgeois  (Builders Material and Supply Co) February 2006
Donald F. Abeling   (Boss-linco) February 2006
Helen Shober Peters   (Montgomery Ward) February 2006
Charles K. Witter January 2006
Herman E. Marsh  (Fairbanks Express) November 2005
Gerald J. Mahoney  (Red Star) November 2005
James J. Cerone  (Allied Holding) October 2005
Ovila Vermette September 2005
Richard C. Vine *  (Dick)   (Preston 151line / Red Star) September 2005
Ivar (Rudy) August (Cooper Jarrett /  Rider PIE) August 2005
James J. Swinyer    (Tobin Packing) August 2005
John J. Connor *    (Montgomery Ward) August 2005
Floyd L. Marr Sr. August 2005
James R. Piscitella,  (Apple)  (Bonded Concrete) July 2005
Robert Minkler *    (Navajo Freight Lines) July 2005
David M. Hartman Sr.  (UPS) July 2005
Daniel A. Colose   (UPS) July 2005
Donald Russell   (Time DC) July 2005
Thomas J. Ingham Jr.   (Ruch Distributors) July 2005
Andrew J. Liebenau     (Allied Trucking) June 2005
Albert L. Swenson  (The Swede)         (Spector Freight Lines Retiree) June 2005
David L. O'Brien   (Staats Express, Stott-Davis) June 2005
Joseph L. Tiscione Sr. May 2005
Lewis D. Cross Sr.   (J Ryerson Steel) May 2005
Ira L. Stockwell     (Bi Lo Trucking) May 2005
Robert J. Angell    (McCormack Mayflower) April 2005
David F. Washburn April 2005
Leland F. Heeder (Lee)    (UPS) April 2005
Harry F. Maikels April 2005
John F. Moryl   (Carolina Freight) April 2005
Jonathan T. Burke  (UPS) March 2005
Willis C. Cox  (Slim)*      (St Johnsbury Retiree) March 2005
Raymond Gaston   (Holmes Transportation) March 2005
Robert E. Coyle (Old Colony) March 2005
Robert F. Bradt  (Interstate Motor Freight System) March 2005
John J. Bellanger *  (Tanney's Motor Transportation) March 2005
Cornelius A. Lucey  (TimeDC) February 2005
Richard W. Wood Jr. "Woody"  (Dorns,Teals Retiree) February 2005
Joseph A. Mariani   ( St. Johnsbury Retiree) December 2004
George B. Mosley  (Denver -Chicago Retiree) December 2004
Walter S. Roberts Jr.  (Dorn's Retiree) December 2004
George W. Worley (294  Retiree) December 2004
Jamiel Mohamed  (Valente Sand & Gravel) December 2004
Louis R. Clark (Associated Transport) December 2004
Walter R. Carkner *       (ABF retiree) November 2004
Frederick F. Weissleder *    (Penn Yan Retiree) November 2004
Theodore T. Goodman  (Lyons Transportation) October 2004
Ernest C. Melander (Shoreys Express) October 2004
Ronald F. Dawson    (Arrow Carriers) October 2004
F. Nelson Babcock October 2004
Clifford V. Jacobson  (Asphalt Stone Products) October 2004
Robert (Quinney) Quinn    (Preston, Smith Transfer) September 2004
Raymond N. Houck   (Callahan Ind.) September 2004
Daniel P. Mahoney Sr.  (Gourmet Award Food) September 2004
Elizabeth E. Bruni  (Montgomery Ward) September 2004
Palmer Gallup **    (Associated, Eastern) August 2004
Francis (Ron) Garavelli *   (CF, Pilot) August 2004
Edward J. Ringer Jr.  (A&P) August 2004
George C. Swint ( F&M Schaeffer Brewing) August 2004
William A. Champagne June 2004
Leonard P. Baker   (Staats-RedStar) June 2004
Richard  (Dick)  Moore *  (Holmes) June 2004
Daniel P. Mahoney Sr.   (Gourmet Awards)

May 2004

Gordon L. Cornell (JA Carmen) May 2004
Joseph A. Strzesiewski  (NU-Car Carriers) May 2004
Jarvie Lee Jr. (Ruch Distributors) May 2004
Alfred E. Davis  (Tacy's Express) April 2004
Roland Roberts  (Preston) April 2004
Joesph DeVellis April 2004
James H. Bacon Jr   (August Bohl Construction) April 2004
John R Horner  (Chemical Lehman) March 2004
Jacob R. Lee Sr. (LeaseWay, Wards Fleet) February 2004
Richard J. Phillips Jr.  (Air Products) February 2004
George C. Davis  (Ft Edward Express) January 2004
Morris (Moe) Paris (CP Transport) January 2004
William E. Andres (Albany Frosted Foods) December 2003
James R. Loveless * (UPS) December 2003
Frank P. Mason Sr.* (Dorn's) December 2003
Angelo A. Cafaro Sr. (Central W/house) December 2003
Kenneth E. Hare (McLean) December 2003
Charles A. Cross Jr.  November 2003
Thomas E. Hickey ** (Holmes) November 2003
John J. Bowers Sr October 2003
John B. Van Denburgh October 2003
Joseph J. Lee September 2003
Carl A. Warner  (Callahan Industries Retiree) September 2003
Thomas F. McGeough Sr. August 2003
John F. Oger * (Red Star) August 2003
Anthony V. Forezzi,  August 2003
Lloyd Colton August 2003
Gerald H. Cady Sr. * June 2003
Joseph Kaminski Sr. June, 2003
David W. Honyoust June, 2003
Casper D. Dambrose May, 2003
Nelson H. Hutchins * April, 2003
David A. Lucksinger April, 2003
Irving (Robbie) Robinson** April, 2003
Roy Scott April, 2003
Raymond J. Mock March, 2003
Douglas Clements February, 2003
William K. McCully * February, 2003
William O. Lockart * February, 2003
Philip Frank    (Dorns) February, 2003
Bernie M. Horn February, 2003
Charles Wheeler January 2003
Norman K. Wilber * January 2003
Harold W. Spore January 2003
James S. Slingerland   (Albany Asphalt Retiree) January 2003
Samuel A. Laiacona * January2003
Raymond F. Schewe January 2003
Kenneth J. Brown Sr * January 2003
Harry F. Strokes January 2003
G. Philip Hagadorn (Quinn Freight Lines) December 2002
Edward G. Cady Sr.

December 2002

Howard (Howie)  Campbell ** (294 BA, Time DC)

December 2002

Salvatore Vitale *

November 2002

Dominick Pompilio May 2002
 Donald J. Ogborn  (Interstate Motor Freight System) January 2002
Russell R. Camadine November 2000
Anthony Ferlazzo Sr.  (Pilot Retiree) May 2000
William Lenihan Sr.  (GE Transportation) February 2000
Invan Verkleir   (Boss-Linco) January 1999
Allan Deese  (Sysco Warehouse) April 1997
Robert A. Johnson  (Cooper-Jarrett) April 1994

* Denotes Retiree Club Member
** Denotes Retiree Club Officer

If you know of any Local 294 or 669 member who has passed on and is not listed here please email me with his or her name, where they worked and their date of passing. Thank You  Send mail to  [email protected]

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