July 21, 2012

Teamsters Local 294 CDL Training

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Our Instructors:


David Garhartt


Tony Sidoti

Teamsters Local 294 CDL Training School

Our CDL training is supported in part from grants we receive on a year to year basis.  We want to thank the NYS Department of Labor and the Workforce Development Institute (24 Fourth Street, Troy, NY  12180) for their Grants in recent years.  Without their support our training would be minimal.

Teamsters Local 294 Training School was licensed by the Commissioner of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, in September of 1999.

Our Mission:

Local 294's Executive Board and Instructors are committed to providing our members and their families with a comprehensive commercial driving program for Teamsters by  Teamsters.

Our focus is to educate our brothers and sisters to give them the ability and confidence necessary to upgrade their skills to further their careers, while providing the industry with the best trained drivers available.

By the nature of our program, students will also learn a bit of Teamster history and to understand the goals of our union. As students develop the driving skills necessary for the CDL class A road test they also get more intimately aware of union officials, duties, and facts versus myths about our union.

We feel this education is second to none when you compare us to other driving schools. The knowledge you will gain about the union is a bonus you won't get anywhere else.

We encourage anyone interested in class A driving to call and get on the waiting list.    Call 489-5436 for more information.



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